Zelda’s Firearms Sales & Services Inc.
30 Marsh St Gloucester MA 01930
(978) 375 6959

Zelda’s Firearms Sales & Services Inc. is a family run company which provide services to the firearms community in the form of Sales, Education, Armoring, & Manufacturing.  

We have over 50 Years of firearms experience and knowledge  in the form of Firearms for civilians and Law Enforcement. We believe in fitting verses selling firearms to the consumer. We do this through our expert knowledge in Firearms Training where our staff is known for its ability talk and ask the right questions of its customers.

We began this business after long considerations of what we can offer today's sportsmen and gun owners of America and the Law Enforcement Community and was an easy decision for us doing what we love and have been dedicated too.  When doing business with us you become part of our network so please stop in and see us

Bill & Kathy

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Located at the Gloucester Marina on the Second Floor