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Protect your valuables with The Centurion Series by Liberty Safe! Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Centurion is built in America and the quality shows! Compared to other entry-level safes, the Centurion is heads and tails above the rest. For those on a budget or just getting started, the Centurion is the safe for you! Engineered to be tough, durable, and capable; these safes will get the job done!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA


Liberty is made in the USA and we have connected with a dealer that stocks and has a show room full of safes.

You can touch, feel, open, and discuss the many options available to you.  

If you are looking for a high end Liberty Safe and want to see it, feel it, & open it because your just not sure.

We want to see Bill Deibert at;

Dependable Lock Service INC.

232 West Hollis ST

Nashua NH 03060


URL: https://www.dependablelock.com/

If you are thinking about a safe we at Zelda’s can help you make the choice of the safe you think you need.

We can make all the arrangements for you if you don't want to take the ride.

If your looking for a simple start safe coming soon to our store here in Gloucester are the Centurion Models in connection with Dependable Lock Services